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2008 -- Charles Baxter, author of The Soul Thief,  read from this featured novel as well as from his popular novel The Feast of Love.  Mr. Baxter also taught the Writers' Workshop. James Devita read from his young adult novel, The Silenced, and compared writing and acting in his discussion on Saturday morning.  Honor Moore shared her memoir and memories of her father as she read from The Bishop's Daughter.

2007Claudia Emerson, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors for her book of poetry, Late Wife, read from this featured book, talked in depth about her writing process, and read from works in process. Ms. Emerson also led the 2007 Writers Workshop. Michael Perry read from his featured book for 2007, Truck: A Love Story, and gave participants an insight into the world of a freelance writer from the Midwest. 2004 Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Anthony Shadid, read from his featured book, Night Draws Near, and spoke about his new project: writing about restoring his grandparents' home in Lebanon. 

2006Mary Relindes Ellis read from her 2005 Banta Award winning debut novel, The Turtle Warrior. And world-famous author Kent Haruf featured his book, Eventide, which continues the story of Holt County, Colorado. Detroit-born Dean Bakopoulos featured his first novel Please Don’t Come Back From the Moon, which The New York Times named as one of the 100 Notable Books of 2005. Bakopoulos led the 2006 Writers Workshop. 

2006 featured the fundraising raffle by the Literary Festival Board of Directors of a handmade Serenity canoe by local manufacturer, Tranquility Canoes.

2005 — Wisconsin Poet Laureate Denise Sweet read from her book of poetry, Songs of Discharming. Tenaya Darlington, editor, columnist, and teacher, read from her book, Maybe Baby, and a work-in-progress. Kellie Wells, winner of the Flannery O'Connor Award, read from her collection of short fiction, Compression Scars, and led the 2005 Writers Workshop.  

Writer Kellie Wells with her partner and a LitFest registrant.

Kellie Wells (middle) and her partner (right) 
share a moment in the sunshine with a LitFest registrant 

The Spring Green Literary Festival awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a student from the River Valley High School in Spring Green for her written response to one of Ms. Sweet's poems. Funds for the scholarship were donated by members of the board of directors. 

2004Larry Watson talked about his book, Montana, 1948, as well as his process of writing. Pulitzer Prize winning writer David Maraniss read from They Marched into Sunlight, a book detailing one day in both Vietnam and Madison, Wisconsin. The Writers Workshop was led by writer Charles Allen Wyman, who is the editor-in-chief of the alternative literary magazine, Absinthe Literary Review.

2003 — Author Patricia Henley discussed In the River Sweet. Poet Max Garland discussed Postal Confessions, and David Cates read selections of his work-in-progress.

Max Garland reading from Postal Confessions. 

Max Garland reading from Postal Confessions

2002Celebrating the Ordinary: Beloved Wisconsin author Jane Hamilton read from and discussed her novel Short History of a Prince, and poet and University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Ron Wallace discussed his work in The Uses of Adversity.

2001Spirit Earth: Wisconsin writers Ellen Kort and Justin Isherwood were the featured authors. Kort, Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate, read from Sing Back My Bones and Isherwood from Book of Plough.

2000Life in Place: Washington author Rosina Lippi read from her award-winning novel, Homestead. She was joined by Yi-Fu Tuan, cultural geographer who now makes his home in Madison, Wisconsin, with his acclaimed autobiography, Who am I?.

1999Sacred Ground: Writers Diane Glancy and U Sam Oeur graced the literary festival. Novelist Glancy, of Cherokee ancestry, read from Pushing the Bear: a Novel of the Trail of Tears, and Khmer poet Oeur read from Sacred Vows.

U Sam Oeur in the afternoon session.

U Sam Oeur in the afternoon session 

1998The Rural Character: The featured authors for the first Spring Green Literary Festival were Nancy Willard, a Newbery Medal winner and author of novels, stories, essays and poetry; Carol Bly, author of collections of essays and short stories including The Passionate, Accurate Story, and Norbert Blei, author of the award-winning trilogy, Door Way, Door Steps, and Door to Door, among many other books.

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